An Easy and Practical Guide to Premature Ejaculation

An Easy and Practical Guide to Premature Ejaculation

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Premature ejaculation is a clinical condition wherein a man ejaculates too quickly during the course of sexual intercourse. While there is no dearth of stigma attached to it, this remains one of the most commonly inflicting sexual problems for men plaguing about 25 to 30% of all men at some point in time.
PE is especially more common in younger men owing to a range of reasons including lack of experience and behavioral control. That said, this condition has also been increasingly seen in middle-aged men, because age does not make anyone immune from it.

Defining PE(Premature ejaculation)

A common predicament with the problem of premature ejaculation is that of seeking an accurate definition as to what exactly is premature ejaculation because the definition may not be same for each and every couple. What is considered normal by one couple could be perceived by another as a matter for concern.

Excessive hormonal imbalance

While the production of ‘androgens, or male sex hormones, are responsible for erection and ejaculation, excessive formation can lead to problems concerning PE. This is because an overproduction prompts a man to become over-stimulated and lose control on the urge to release as per his desire.
This is because the head (glans) of the male penis becomes so hypersensitive that ejaculation ensues quickly even before the person is ready. It can take place before or during vaginal penetration.  Premature ejaculation typically takes place about 90 seconds after penetration.


The reasons can vary between persons as there are several why men tend to build up premature ejaculation.
These can further be divided into two categories:
•    Physical causes
•    Psychological causes

Physical causes
•    Underactive  or dormant thyroid
•    Diabetes
•    Hypertention
•    Prostrate disease
•    Multiple sclerosis
•    Urethritis
•    Drug usage
•    Alcochol

Physiological causes

While premature ejaculation is typically attributed to physical factors, in many cases, there are underlying psychological causes which include:
•    Traditional and unhelpful upbringing
•    Lack of sexual experience
•    Early family conditioning
•    Traumatic incidents in life
•    Depression
•    Stress

Premature ejaculation Treatment

The question that you’re likely asking yourself is this: is premature ejaculation something that can be cured?

The answer is ‘yes’, it can! However, it is important to seek treatment at an earlier stage as opposed to a later stage. The longer you defer in seeking treatment, the harder it tends to become. That said, even the most serious cases can respond well to treatment, but it prudent to tackle problem at an early stage.

Essentially, there are two stages of treatment Go HERE that are discussed in greater detail within this section. These include:
•    Therapy for couples
•    Medications
•    Self help, for instance, using distraction techniques that keep you from climaxing too soon

Self guide

If suffer from a mild form of premature ejaculation, you can explore treatment at home instead of visiting your GP. This includes exploring a plethora of activities prior to or during sexual intercourse, to help you relax and climax at an appropriate moment.

Treatment at home

To help you get in a good frame of mind, you can try out a range of activities that include:
•    Sex aids like vibrators or try viagra jelly
•    Use of lubricating creams, gels or jellies to enhance the physical side of sex.
•    Engaging in erotic games to boost the process and sanctity of lovemaking
•    Exploring erotic material responsibly in magazines/literature before engaging in sex

If you choose to visit a sex therapist, they might ask you to try out these activities

Other useful forms of self guide  

Other forms of self help include interesting distraction techniques and additional foreplay. Distraction technique is exactly what the name suggests. It a method where you think of something else at the exact time that you are about to release.

This means that you change your lone of thinking to something not related to sex at all, thus reducing your arousal while maintaining your erection go on with your lovemaking.

This means you will be able to ejaculate as and when both of you are ready.

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