Hair Loss

Losing some hair every day is a normal physiological phenomenon. Of the thousands of hair we have on our heads, more than one in ten come daily to dislodge end-of-life hair to grow in their place. The phenomenon becomes pathological when the hair that is falling is badly replaced, by fewer and fewer regrowth’s, or are not replaced at all. In dermatology, it is called alopecia.

This hair loss is by far the most common: it represents more than 95% of cases in men and 90% of cases in women.


What does the term "androgen etic" mean?

This type of hair loss coming from an excessive receptivity and genetics of the scalp with androgenic hormones, the grouping of terms, androgens + gene, gave the adjective androgen etic.

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Smart Hair Loss Treatment You Need to Have Now

Hair loss affects millions of people around the world. The main victims are men, but a growing number of women are also beginning to suffer. There are different causes for this phenomenon. Whether one is a man or a woman, the hair is a symbol of strong seduction and their loss is often the source of many complexes. Heredity, stress, disease or hormonal imbalance, the causes are numerous. Online sites offer you a quick overview of the most commonly implicated factors.

Hair loss and heredity

Hair loss is a normal phenomenon. Each person loses 30 to 100 a day. The quantity depends on the season; it is more important in the spring and autumn. However, several items must alert when hair loss becomes too great and extends over a period exceeding six months.

One of the most common causes of hair loss is heredity. It is then called androgenetic alopecia. It is due to the influence of testosterone and 5-a-reductase on the hair follicles which become very sensitive and no longer respect the growth cycle of two to five years. This cycle becomes shorter, leading to premature death of the hair.

Postpartum alopecia

Hair loss can also occur after delivery. It is then called postpartum alopecia. 50% of women are affected by this problem. During pregnancy, the hair is both healthy and very thick. But after childbirth, they become thinner and fall heavily. This situation is caused by hormonal disorders. In fact, the estrogen hormones that were produced in large quantities during pregnancy suddenly decrease, reducing the life of the hairy devitalizing them. The stress caused by the arrival of a baby, lack of sleep and energy expenditure is also responsible. This alopecia lasts about 6 to 8 months. Sometimes the phenomenon lasts longer, hence the importance of quickly consulting a dermatologist so that alopecia does not worsen.

Hair loss because of nutritional deficiencies

Hair loss can also be due to nutritional deficiencies. Many trace elements, vitamins and proteins are essential to bring radiance and tone to the hair. When the hair is lacking iron, for example, they become dull, discolor, dry out and become brittle, because the blood is not properly oxygenated. This is the case during a diet too restrictive, anorexia or a diet unbalanced.

Scarring alopecia and alopecia

The so-called scarring alopecia occurs during hair treatments too aggressive or inappropriate. Too frequent straightening, a permanent miss, shampoos with soda or too close use of the curling iron or smooth are involved. Alopecia of treatment, for its part, is due to braids or elastics too tight.


Alopecia areata, which usually develops in people under 20, is an infection that causes hair loss on one or more well-defined circular areas. It would be caused by an abnormal activity of the immune system attacking the hair follicles. However, they are not completely destroyed, allowing healing in a large majority of cases. But relapses are usually expected.

An exact diagnosis for a suitable treatment

When there is the slightest doubt about an abnormal fall of the hair, it is recommended to always consult your doctor or a specialist who will be able to diagnose exactly the causes and the treatments adapted to alopecia. Treatment with Propecia is sometimes inseparable from psychological support or a specific diet. Self-medication is to be excluded, as well as the purchase of miracle products whose effects have not been recommended by health professionals.

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