Low Testosterone Doesn't Have To Be Hard. Read These 5 Tips

Low Testosterone Doesn't Have To Be Hard. Read These 5 Tips

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Testosterone is a male steroid hormone that helps men increase lean muscle mass as also bone density. It is also critical for men's good health. If you suffer from low or borderline testosterone levels, it could cause several health problems such as high depression levels, low sex drive which can be cured by phosphodiesterase inhibitors viagra, osteoporosis and obesity.

Men who are diagnosed with borderline or low testosterone usually have high heart disease rates, dementia and depression. In women, it could mean weight gain and loss of muscle mass. You might hear of several ways of increasing your testosterone levels with pills, super foods, capsules and injections, but here are some easy and sure ways of increasing testosterone levels safely and surely.

1. By sprinting:

Studies prove that sprinting can cause an upsurge in testosterone levels. In another study, by doing six-second sprints, people found that their testosterone levels increased considerably.

You can incorporate this technique in your life by sprinting on the treadmill once you've finished weightlifting at your gym. You can even sprint on level ground. Do a sprint workout by including 6-7 short sprints for not more than 15 seconds. Come back to full recovery after each sprint. Do these workouts three times a week and then check your results.

2. Do weightlifting:

By doing weightlifting, you can boost your testosterone levels dramatically. By doing exercises like dead lifts, squats, Olympic lifts and bench presses, you can work your way to improving your testosterone levels. Do just one repetition of each exercise but do a couple of full body weightlifting workouts in a week for good testosterone results.

If you're just starting out with weight training, work your way up slowly for best and consistent results.

3. Enjoy long rest periods:

According to scientists, longer rest periods of about two minutes between sets have a better impact on rising testosterone levels. Besides, with a short recovery period between exercises, you won't be able to lift heavy weights. However, you can't sit around until your two minutes are up, so during your rest period, do stretches or a few exercises in another part of your body.

4.Incorporate forced reps in your routine:

A forced repetition refers to doing a weightlifting exercise for the maximum number of reps you can. After this, ask your spotter to help you with doing some more reps. This kind of forced rep sets increase testosterone significantly.

It's best to do these exercises with a large motor movement exercise and with several joints. So, you could begin by doing warm-ups comprising some barbell squats. Then, with the help of a spotter, select a weight with which you can do at least 5-6 reps by yourself. Use the spotter's help to do the next 3 reps, so that you end up doing about 8-10 reps. Repeat this so that you do about 4 sets.

5.Increase your training volume:

Just like your rest times, even the volume of your training has an impact on your testosterone levels. By training volume, we mean the total amount of weights you lift in a particular workout session. The more reps and sets you do, the greater your training volume.

You can try this full body workout three days a week and see how much it boosts your testosterone levels:

Warm-up by doing four sets of eight reps of bench press, and four sets of eight reps of squats. Follow this up with four sets of eight reps of dead lifts and four sets of eight reps of pull-ups. Next, do six sets of 10 second sprints. Cool down after doing these exercises.

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