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Malegra DXT Pills


Buy Malegra DXT pills Online. It is a class of medication designed specifically for men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or impotence and Premature Ejaculation (PE). When taken by them, this medicine gets dissolved into the blood stream and helps them achieve a strong and hard erection. It delays the moment of climax and allows men to enjoy sex.


Drug description

Buy Cheap Malegra DXT pills Online No Prescription. It is a combination of Sildenafil 100mg and Duloxetine 30mg. When taken, Sildenafil citrate is dissolved in the blood. It removes any blockages in the arteries and blood vessels and enables a gush of blood to flow to the penis, thus alleviating the problems of ED and PE that men face.


Duloxetine in Malegra DXT is antidepressant in nature and has a positive effect on PE, thus ensuring an enduring sexual experience.


Action Mechanism

Malegra DXT tablets are the result of two powerful ingredients: Sildenafil and Duloxetine. Of these, Sidenafil is a substitute of Viagra, while Duloxetine is the pharmacological name of Cymbalta. This belongs to a classification of drugs known as antidepressants.


Sildenafil in Malegra DXT pills dilates the blood vessels contained in the pelvis. This action increases blood flow to the penis. Filled with blood, the penis now increases in size and leads to an erection really fast. Duloxetine role is to prevent further sensitivity to the penis during intercourse, and so prevents premature ejaculation from taking place. By combining both these ingredients in one drug, men can get back their reproductive health in the shortest time possible and in the easiest way.



Malegra DXT consists of 100 mg Sildenafil and 30 mg Duloxetene. There's no standard dose for everyone of this drug, but it varies from person to person. Doctors recommend that Malegra DXT be taken with water an hour before sex, with or without meals. However, the meals should not be very fatty as this could retard the effect of the drug.


Since Sildenafil Citrate needs 30 minutes absorption time into the system and Duloxetine another 40 minutes, ideally this drug should be taken 60 minutes before sexual intercourse for good results. The patient will not get better satisfaction using a higher dose. On the contrary, it may produce terrible side-effects.


Drug usage

Malegra DXT pills are meant for men between the ages of 18 and 75 years who suffer from impotency and premature ejaculation. This drug should be taken in consultation with one's doctor and upon his directions. Only one tablet should be taken in the span of 24 hours. If, however, one misses a dose of Malegra DXT, it should be taken as soon as possible, except if it is too close to the next dose. Two doses should not be taken together.



Malegra DXT pills should be stored in a cool, dark and dry place, away from where children can reach out for it.



This medication should be taken in accordance with the doctor's instructions. If there is an overdose of the active ingredients of Malegra DXT in the patient's blood stream, it will result in side-effects, such as: drowsiness, runny nose, nausea, headache, apathy, irritable nervous system, blurred vision and dyspepsia.


If the patient notices any of these side-effects or any other, he should stop the treatment immediately and see his doctor.



·         The patient should inform his doctor of any pre-existing conditions he suffers from and the medication he takes for them.

·         He should not take Malegra DXT pills if he is on nitrates-based medication.

·         While on this medication, he should not consume alcohol or have high-fat foods.

·         He should speak to his doctor if he has an erection lasting more than four hours.



·         Men should not take Malegra DXT if they are allergic to any ingredient it contains.

·         Also, they should avoid it if they are undergoing some mental stress or need to perform stressful physical activity.

·         Melagra DXT should not be given to men who have been medically advised to stay off sex due to their heart problems.

·         If they are on nitrates-based medication, they should avoid Melagra DXT.

·         If they are using prescription or non-prescription drugs or herbal medicines, they should inform their doctors.

·         For men who suffer from the twin problems of ED and PE, care should be taken that while they set out to solve these problems, they should abide by the doctor's instructions; else they will create fresh medical issues for themselves.

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