Cheap Tadapox 20/60 mg Pills Online

Cheap Tadapox 20/60 mg Pills Online

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Tadapox 20/60 mg Pills To Cure Impotence in Men


These days, men experience embarrassing disorders such as Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or impotence. To get rid of it, one should get a medication that works immediately and effectively. One medication that any doctor would recommend is Tadapox 20/60 mg pills, which is extremely effective for both these two major male sexual problems. This tablet contains two active ingredients-- Tadalafil (20 mg) and Dapoxetine (60 mg). 

By taking this tablet regularly, men can enhance their sexual performance and increase their intimacy levels and find love with their partners.


Drug Description

Tadapox is a very potent medication that enables men to get over their disorders of ED and premature ejaculation. This combination drug presents the best of two strong pharmaceuticals Tadalafil and Dapoxetine to help men draw the maximum from their sexual encounters.

Tadalafil's class of medication is Phosphodiesterase inhibitors (PDE). It is a reliable class of medication that aids men to deal with the lowered blood supply to the male reproduction organ, by stiffening and hardening it so that the male individual can enjoy intercourse.

Dapoxetine belong a medicines group "selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors" (SSRIs). Its main goal is to treat premature ejaculation in men aged 18-64 years. By taking this medication, men in a sexual encounter can enjoy a longer time in sexual performance by prolonging their action.

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Action Mechanism

Tadapox is a combination drug containing the two active ingredients, Tadalafil 20 mg and Dapoxetine 60 mg. While Tadalafil ensures that adequate blood supply reaches the penis, thus assuring a rigid penis just right for a satisfying sexual experience, Dapoxetine ensures that the male individual user gets ample time before reaching climax. Clinical studies also prove that this combination drug helps men prolong premature release for a maximum of four times. The medication starts showing results barely 20 minutes after intake and stays potent for a maximum of 36 hours.

While Tadalafil eliminates the problem of ED, Dapoxetine gets rid of premature ejaculation. The former works by preventing PDE-5 inhibitors that destroy the enzyme, cGMP, that aid largely with erections. Once this happens, Dapoxetine kicks in, being a short inhibitor meant to stop premature ejaculation. It disintegrates the chemical, serotonin, present in the brain, and thereby, increases a sexual craving in men, which prevents premature ejaculation.



Consult your doctor for the amount of dosage. If by any chance you skip a dose, make up for it immediately. However, if it is too close to your next dose, ignore the dose you missed and get back to the regular dosing plan. Do not take two doses together.

Drug Usage

For optimal results, take one tablet of Tadapox about an hour to three hours before you begin your sexual encounter. It should be taken only by those who need it and only when required. No matter how strong the need, users should not exceed taking more than one tablet a day. It should be taken only by those patients who suffer from ED. Healthy people should not take this drug as it won't have any beneficial effect on them if they have mental problems related to an erection. Users should refrain from taking this tablet along with fatty foods or alcohol as this will lower its efficiency. The required dosage of this medication is one a day, before you begin with sexual activity.



This medication should be stored between 68 degrees F and 77 degrees F (20 degrees and 25 degrees C). It should not come in contact with light, heat or moisture. Keep kids and pets away from it.



If this medication does not suit you or if you have side-effects due to it, these are the side-effects you will experience:

• Muscle pain and headaches

• Runny, stuffy or rigid nose

• Giddiness and face puffiness

• Dizziness, drowsiness and flushing

• Mild backache

These symptoms are usually temporary and pass off after the body adjusts to the side-effects of this combination drug.


Chronic side-effects

 If any of the above side-effects persists or worsens, seek medical assistance. These are the side-effects you should watch out for:

• Respiratory problems, skin breakouts with pus

• Allergies

• Painful or prolonged erections

Do not drink alcohol or eat fatty meals while on this medication because they lower and reduce the medicine's effects. Once you take it, do not drive, lift heavy objects or do any tasks that require your concentration.



Read the instruction label on the package thoroughly before taking the medication. It cannot treat STDs, such as HIV. You should also give your doctor your medical record while you're on this medication. By taking this medication regularly, you will find it not just effective but safe too. If you are a heart patient or have hepatic diseases, have a thorough talk with your doctor.



• Do not take Tadapox if you begin to feel faint, dizzy, and drowsy or have blurred vision.

• If you are already a heart patient, do not take this medication as it can increase your risk for cardiac problems.

• If you are a HIV patient, do not think sexual contact will get rid of the disease.

• Further, it will not stop pregnancy. For this, you may use effective birth control methods.


The verdict

It's good to remember that you cannot take Tadapox in double doses since you will only overdose yourself but not achieve the result you want. So, use this potent medication wisely and well.

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