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Generic Antivert Pills To Treats Dizziness Motion Sickness


Buy Generic Antivert pills online. It is used to treat dizziness and motion sickness. It belongs to a family of drugs known as antihistamines, which normally treat allergies. However, it treats motion sickness by reducing muscle spasms and nausea. This is an FDA-approved drug since 1957.


Drug Description

Buy Cheap Generic Antivert pills online No Prescription it belongs to the antihistamine family that brings down the effects of the chemical called histamines in the body. It prevents nausea, dizziness due to motion sickness and vertigo.


Action Mechanism

Generic Antivert Tablets works in the brain by blocking chemicals that control balance, vomiting and nausea.



Generic Antivert is available in 12.5 mg, 25 mg, and 50 mg tablets.

This oral tablet is given to seniors and adults, depending on their medical condition and severity of problem. Seniors 65 years and above may be started on a lower dose since their liver and kidneys do not work as well as before, causing drug process to be slow. They will be allowed to take 25 mg-100 mg per day, divided into several doses.

Adults aged 18 years-64 years will be given 25 mg-100 mg per day, divided into several doses. Depending on how they react to the medicine, the doctor might increase the dosage.


Drug usage

Patients should take this medication orally, not necessarily with food. The dosage is given bearing in mind the patient's pre-existing medical condition and response to treatment, so no overdosing should be done at will. To prevent any motion sickness, the first dose should be taken an hour before setting out on a journey.

If the patient misses out on a dose, he should take it as soon as he remembers, unless it is too close to the next dose. In such a case, he should skip it and stick to the dosing schedule. In case of overdose, he should go to the nearest emergency room.



This medication should be kept in a cool place, where there is no direct light or heat.



If you experience any of the following side-effects of Generic Antivert or they become chronic, seek emergency help without delay: drowsiness, upset stomach, headache, dry eyes, mouth or nose. Chronic symptoms include swollen tongue, irregular heartbeat, hallucinations, seizures, red eyes, hives, difficulty breathing, bruising easily, bleeding gums, etc.



·         Before beginning on a course of Generic Antivert, inform your doctor about your allergies.

·         Also tell him of your medical history and any pre-existing medical conditions that he should know of.

·         Considering this medication can make you drowsy, ensure you do not drive, operate machinery or perform any task that needs high mental concentration. Keep off marijuana and alcohol. Tell the doctor if you are on marijuana.

·         If you are on prescription or non-prescription drugs or herbal drugs, let your doctor know.

·         If children are given this tablet, it could cause excitement in them rather than drowsiness.

·         Seniors could be more sensitive to the side-effects, particularly the drowsy feeling.

·         Pregnant women should be administered this drug only if really required. Doctor's advice will be necessary.

·         Consult the doctor to know if this drug enters a pregnant woman's breast milk.



Don't take this medication if

·         You have an allergy to any of its ingredients, poor kidney and liver functioning, glaucoma, hyperthyroidism, heart disease, asthma or COPD

You are on other drugs that make the nervous system dull.

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