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Generic Clarinex Desloratadine 5mg For Allergy Control Online


If you suffer from allergies and need quick and efficient relief, an antihistamine would work best. Generic Clarinex Desloratadine 5mg Pills is one such effective antihistamine that can be relied upon for relief from allergic symptoms.


It is made up of Desloratadine which works as an antihistamine. This medication should also be relied upon in cases of inflammation due to swelling, gout and osteoarthritis.


Drug Description

Generic Clarinex Tablets is treatment for allergic symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes and runny nose, among several others. Such reactions are produced by the body when one is exposed to an allergen. An individual suffering from allergies can be relieved by the action of Generic Clarinex on the body's naturally occuring histamine. If you suffer from chronic skin allergies such as hives and skin itch, Generic Clarinex can relieve them too.


You can Buy Generic Clarinex Desloratadine online without a prescription if you are sure of the required dosage. We have attractive discounts when you Buy Cheap Generic Clarinex Online, so you can order cheap Desloratadine no prescription and are prepared with the right medication on hand when you are faced with allergies.


Action Mechanism

Desloratadine being an antihistamine, its function is to lower the effect of the chemical histamine that's naturally present in the body. Histamine can cause watery eyes, itching, sneezing and runny nose. Desloratadine prevents this histamine from functioning in this manner and therefore treats the particular allergic symptoms.


Drug Usage

This medication is to be taken orally once a day, not necessarily accompanied by food. Take it on your doctor's instructions. Remove the tablet from the pack only when you're ready to take it.


Take an appropriate dose according to your age, medical problem and treatment response. Do not overdose yourself without your doctor's approval. If your condition does not improve but worsens, inform your doctor immediately.



This medication can be taken either as tablets or syrup, or by children and adults.


Children aged six months to 11 months should be given only 1 mg syrup once a day; children between 12 months and five years should be given 1.25 mg syrup once a day and children between six years and 11 years should take 2.5 mg syrup or 2.5 mg RediTabs once a day. Older children aged 12 years and above should take the recommended dose of 5 mg per day. This medication can be given with or without a meal.


Adults can take 5mg of this medication per day, with or without a meal.


If you miss a dose of Generic Clarinex, take it immediately, but if it is almost time for the next dose, skip this one and move on to the next dose which is in keeping with your regular dosage routine. Do not combine two doses together.



Clarinex tablets and syrup should be stored at a room temperature of 25°C, away from humidity, light, children and pets. Do not store it in your bathroom, nor should you flush it down the toilet bowl or pour the contents into a drain, unless your doctor advises you to. When this product is past its usage date or not required anymore, get rid of it. Let your pharmacist advice you on disposal methods.



Clarinex Desloratadine side effects commonly experienced are nausea, sore throat, dizziness, throat pain, muscle pain, fatigue, headache, stomach ache, painful periods, dry mouth, hives, respiratory problems, swollen lips, face, throat and tongue.

Serious side effects include uneven heartbeats, flu, convulsions and jaundice.



Before you begin taking Desloratadine or Loratadine, inform your doctor if you are allergic to either or both of them, or if you suffer from any other allergies.

Tell your doctor your medical history, particularly if you have or have had liver or kidney disease.


Though Desloratadine does not cause drowsiness when taken in the recommended doses, yet it is better if you do not drive, use any machinery or do anything that necessitates you to be mentally alert.


Before undergoing surgery, inform your doctor of all the medication you take. If you suffer from diabetes, phenylketonuria (PKU) or any other medical problem that limits your intake of aspartame, ask your doctor how much of it you can take.


Refrain from using allergy medicine Desloratadine 5 mg tablets during pregnancy, unless needed in an emergency. Speak to your doctor about the risks of using this product, particularly if there is a possibility of it passing into the breast milk. Before using while breastfeeding, speak to your doctor.


Do not change your dose of Desloratadine or overdose yourself without checking with your doctor beforehand. If you overdose yourself, you will feel drowsy.


If you're going in for skin allergy tests, speak to your doctor before taking Desloratadine as it may interfere with the tests. Your doctor will advise you to stop taking this medicine for a few days and then go in for the tests.


If this medication is being administered to children below 12 years of age, extreme cauton should be taken for their safety.



·         If you suffer from certain medical conditions, inform your doctor as often Clarinex may interact with them.

·         Let your doctor know if you're planning to get pregnant, or are already or are breastfeeding.

·         If you're on any kind of prescription or not prescribed medicine, herbal formulation, or a dietary supplement, inform your doctor of this.

·         If you have reactions to any food, medicines or substances, tell your doctor of it.

·         If you suffer from liver or kidney problems, your doctor must know this.

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