Generic Sporanox Itraconazole Anti Fungal 100mg Pills

Generic Sporanox Itraconazole Anti Fungal 100mg Pills

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Generic Sporanox and its chief chemcial Itraconazole comprise a medication that is specially formulated to cure fungal skin infection in the fingernails and toenails. These kinds of fungal infections cannot be cured easily as they cannot penetrate the palm to reach the palm bed to attack the fungal infection. On your doctor's advice, you can use Generic Lamisil Terbinafine and expect good results within a few weeks. You can buy Generic Sporanox 100mg tablets by visiting online drugstores.



Itraconazole 100 mg capsules for skin fungal infection is medication used specifically to treat a large spectrum of fungal infection. Its active chemical is Itraconazole which is capable of treating fungal infection. It is an FDA approved medication and therefore can be taken safely. It is also safe to use by HIV patients who develop fungal infection. When an essential chemical present in the wall of the fungal cell is prevented from being converted, Generic Sporanox works to bring relief to patients with fungal infection.

Action Mechanism

Generic Sporanox antifungal medication belongs to the classification of drugs known anti-fungals. It is used to treat specific fungal infections that are both internal or inside the body and external or on the nails and skin. It works by inhibiting the fungus from further growth by producing certain membranes that go around the fungal cells.

Itraconazole solution is also used for treating fungus or candidiasis present in the mouth or esophagus in HIV-infected people with low immunity. When consumed in accurate doses prescribed by your doctor, it gives good results. It also helps reduces the risk of developing any side-effects.

Drug Usage

This medication is available as capsules, cream and oral solution.

·         Capsules: For fungal infections in the fingernails, one 250 mg capsule of Generic Lamisil per day for six weeks is generally prescribed. 

·         Cream: This is best for fungal infections in the toenails and for conditions such as sportsmen base, jock itchiness and ringworm. To use the cream, apply it on the affected area and surrounding areas twice a day for at least one week but not more than four consecutive weeks. If you suffer from athletes foot, use it twice a day for two weeks.

·         Liquid: If you suffer from Athletes Base and Tinea Versicolor, apply this liquid on the affected area twice a day for seven days.

·         Oral solution: Dosage of the oral solution form of Generic Sporanox depends on the severity of the condition under treatment. Let the solution go from side to side in your mouth and then swallow it. Do not rinse your mouth after swallowing the liquid so that its effect remains longer in the affected area. This solution is best taken on an empty stomach.

There are other factors like medical conditions, body weight, etc that impact the dosage your doctor prescribes. Hence, if your doctor prescribes a dosage different from what is recommended here, do not change it. Buy cheap itraconazole online without prescription at any of the many pharmacies.

Take Sporanox Itraconazole fungal infection treatment exactly as your doctor prescribes. If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you can but if it is too close to the next dose, skip it and take the one as per your dosing schedule. Do not take a double dose and if you are unsure of what to do, check with your doctor.


Your doctor will decide the dosage of this drug to be given to you, depending on your age, weight and medical history, present status and severity of symptoms. Usually, 200 to 400mg tablets are prescribed daily to taken on a full stomach. Don't stop the course midway as the fungal infection will recur.


Store Generic Sporanox Itraconazole Anti Fungal 100mg Pills at a room temperature of 15°C -25°C, and away from direct sunlight and moisture. If you use oral solutions or injectables, store them at a temperature not more than 25°C, but don't freeze them.


The side-effects of this medication include hives, itch, rash, swelling on the tongue, face and lips, respiratory problems, irregular heartbeat, dark urine, mucus and flu symptoms.


·In certain cases, your doctor will have to change your dosage or ask you to take some lab tests, particularly if you suffer from cystic fibrosis or serious obstructive bronchi.

·If you have a medical history of liver or kidney problems, lung disorders, heart disease and high blood pressure, discuss this with your doctor before taking this drug.

·Do not drink alcohol as it can worsen your dizziness experienced by taking Generic Sporanox.

·If you are pregnant or nursing your baby, discuss the risks of taking this medication with your doctor.

·Restrict taking this medication for the time prescribed by the doctor. Protracting the period of treatment will not give better results faster.


·Don't keep the details of your medical history from your health care provider before buying Generic Sporanox.

·This medication might make you drowsy, so avoid working on heavy machinery or driving vehicles as you will not be mentally alert.

·You are likely to develop allergies to the chemical content of this drug, so if you do experience allergies, stop taking it.

·If you are pregnant or nursing, do not take Generic Sporanox as it can harm your fetus. Besides, it enters the breast milk and causes harm to the infant.

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