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Generic Zithromax Pills


Buy Generic Zithromax Pills Online which is a prescription medicine in tablet form to treat bacterial infection, such as respiratory problems, and infections of the skin, throat, ears, eyes and STDs. It belongs to a classification of drugs known as macrolide antibiotics, which is instrumental in preventing the bacteria from growing.


Drug Description

Buy Cheap Generic Zithromax Pills Online No Prescription. They are available as oral pills, oral suspension and extended-release oral suspension, apart from eye drops and in intravenous form. The oral tablet is known as Generic Zithromax.


Action Mechanism

Generic Zithromax Tablets are used to treat some bacterial infections, but it should not be given for viral infections like common cold. When used for treating mycobacterium avium complex infection, it can be given along with other antibiotics. It works by preventing bacteria from developing. It kills the bacteria and so treats the infection.



The dose prescribed will be based on the infection. However, treatment for Chlamydia involves taking two tablets of 500 mg as one dose. For all other infections, one dose of Zithromax is taken per day. For children, the dose is dependent on their bodyweight.


Drug Usage

Patients should follow the doctor's prescription of Zithromax pills precisely. They should neither overdose nor underdose nor take this medication indefinitely. Adults should swallow the tablets with water, with or without food. It is not necessary to take this medication with food but it must be taken for the entire course even if the symptoms go away early.

By skipping a dose, the chances of further infection are high. If a dose has been missed and it's time for the next one, the missed one should be ignored. No extra medicines should be taken to compensate for the missed one. If one overdoses on this medication, emergency medical help should be sought.



Store the Zithromax at room temperature and also away from humidity and light but not in the bathroom. Children and pets should not be able to reach out to it.



Chronic side-effects of the medication include respiratory problems, hives, facial swelling, fever, inflammation in the eyes, ashen complexion, red or purple rash, swollen and sore throat. Other side-effects include muscle pain, bruising, yellow skin or eyes, flu-type symptoms, diarrhea, irregular heartbeat, palpitations, short breath and dizziness, stomach-related problems, liver problems and jaundice.



·         Taking Zithromax produces serious side-effects, such as: rash, difficulty breathing, hives, hoarse voice and swelling of facial features.

·         It should not be taken indefinitely as it could cause dangerous organisms to grow that would resist Zithromax

·         The patient can develop bad bacteria-related diarrhea that this medication cannot cure.

·         This medication can cause irregular heartbeats.

·         It can increase the possibility of a muscular disease known as myasthenia gravis.

·         Within a couple of hours of taking Zithromax, patients should not consume antacids made up of magnesium or aluminum in their diet.

·         Zithromax could make patients tan more, so they should steer clear of tanning beds or direct exposure to sunlight.



·         Diarrhea warning: Generally, antibiotics can lead to diarrhea. Zithromax too can cause a bit of watery stools or could even cause chronic colon inflammation, leading to death. If the diarrhea persists even after stopping the drug, patients must call their doctor.

·         Liver warning: Seldom does this drug cause liver problems. However, if patients have a pre-existing case of liver disease, this could worsen liver function. If this prevents the liver from functioning normally, the patient will have to stop taking it. 

Bacterial infection is very common these days. Hence, taking the right anti-bacterial medication in the right dosage and for the entire course will help bring total relief to the patient swiftly.

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