Generic Minoxidil Online for Male Pattern Baldness

Generic Minoxidil Online for Male Pattern Baldness

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Generic Minoxidil Online for Male Pattern Baldness


Buy Cheap Generic Minoxidil online only in its generic form. It is a vasodilator that treats high blood pressure by widening the blood vessels and affording a better blood flow. It is usually part of a therapy, given to prevent chronic side-effects.

It is available as an OTC drug to treat androgenic alopecia, a form of hair loss, in men. When applied topically, it treats hair loss effectively. In about three to six months, about 40% of men mark significant hair regeneration. Under a doctor's supervision, this drug should be administered indefinitely so that new hair follicles can continue to grow and be maintained.

In its topical form, it is known as Rogaine.


Drug Description

Buy Cheap Generic Minoxidil online No Prescription which helps regrow hair on the scalp. It is believed to dilate the scalp's blood vessels and so improve blood flow to it. This helps follicles emerge on the scalp and their growth is further stimulated.

This product does not bring about permanent hair growth, but by continuously using it, the hair continues to grow.



For alopecia treatment, patients should apply 1 ml of the medicine on the affected area of the scalp. This should be done twice a day. Next, half a cap of the foam should be applied topically to the affected spots each time with the solution.


Drug usage

The doctor may alter the dose for better results. However, this dose should not be taken in larger or small amounts and not for longer than prescribed. By using more of the medicine and foam, the hair follicles will not be over stimulated, but will cause harmful side-effects.


Before applying the medication, the hair and scalp should be absolutely dry. The recommended amount of solution and foam should be applied to the affected spots of the scalp, morning and night. After each application, the patient should wash his hands. This medication should be used only on the scalp.

The patient should wait for about four to six months to see new hair growing. Initially, the hair may be hardly visible, and soft and colourless. Further treatment will see the hair thick and the same colour as the rest of the hair.

If the patient misses a dose, he or she should take it the moment it is remembered. But if it is too close to the next dose, it should be skipped and the next dose be taken in the normal course. If the patient overdoses himself and feels dizzy or faints, he should go to the emergency room of the nearest hospital.



Generic Minoxidil should be stored in a cool and dark place, away from heat and humidity.

The foam canister should be kept far away from an open flame or even high heat or it might explode. It is not advisable to puncture an empty canister.



The commonly experienced side-effects of the Generic Minoxidil include irritation at the site of treatment, unwanted hair growth in different parts of the body, increased hair loss, hives, rash, tightness in the chest, itching, respiratory problems, swollen facial features, irregular heartbeat, fainting, unexplained weight gain, headache, swollen limbs, etc.

At times, this medication can also enter the bloodstream, heightening the seriousness of side-effects.

Speak to your doctor if you suffer from scalp irritation, sudden growth of facial hair, irregular heartbeats, rapid weight gain, fainting, etc. There may also be a change in your hair's texture or colour.



·         If your scalp is swollen, red or infected, stop taking the medication.

·         Before use, check the label to ensure that it will treat your specific problem of hair loss.

·         Men should use Minoxidil made specifically for them.



·         The patient should not use this medication if he has a pre-existing condition of heart disease.

Minoxidil for women should not be used by pregnant or nursing women.

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