Our Salient Features

We at pde-5 are wholly committed to satisfying our customers, making our aim in life nothing more than customer satisfaction. We are among the top online pharmacies to show exponential growth, provide superlative services and useful product information to customers.

Here are some of our most important features and services that we provide to our customers:

Highest quality and lowest price: Our online store pde-5 can give you not just these conveniences but much more. It also gives you the convenience of shopping online, safely and in total privacy. These factors have encouraged our customers to treat us as their sole medical shopping center.

At pde-5, we are painstaking enough to see that our customers are satisfied with the services we provide and the pricing of our medication. So, we go the extra mile by offering our customers the generic medicines that are relatively inexpensive but of as high quality as their branded counterparts. Our level of quality does not slip, though we sell generic medication. Generic medication is both safe and inexpensive and can easily be bought at our online store pde-5.

Secure and reliable packaging: Our products are packaged to be tamper-proof so that they reach you in excellent condition, and in the number you ordered. So, whether yours is a bulk order or a small quantity order, you can rest assured that you get what you ordered for and in an excellent condition. Our products are shipped all over the world but they reach your doorstep damage-free. We prepare manual and electronic bills available on the Net for online transactions.

Shipping is free, wherever in the world you might live: Our worldwide customers buy from us often, so we ensure that our products reach them as fast as they can be shipped across, with no charges on shipping. This facility is applied to bulk buyers.

Over-the-Counter Medicines: We also sell with confidence medicines approved by the FDA and WHO, without prescriptions.

On-time delivery: We honor our commitment of reaching your order on time, as per the date mentioned when you buy our medicines. Normally, we deliver medication between eight to ten working days.

Complete customer service: Our medicines are complemented by useful medical literature on medicines listed on our site. We provide complete information on each drug, including its pros and cons. We do not advertise our range of medicines but only provide important and detailed product information. We also offer our customers significant discounts and free shipment.

Our medicines have a long shelf life: Our medicines have a long shelf life, so you needn't worry about buying near-expired medication and not getting the full value of your money.

Highest level of quality: Our medicines are approved by the FDA and the WHO for quality. Besides, the medicines we stock are manufactured by renowned pharmaceutical companies.

Online safety: Our site has been designed to be online theft-proof, so you can transact confidently. It is also updated with SSI and our data is stored in an encrypted database. We clear our computer system of all details regarding our customers once the package of medicines reaches them. So, there is no likelihood of customer details being shared with a third person.

24x7 customer supports: Our lines of communication are always open for you, 24x7, through online and offline chat services and email. You can have all your doubts answered by our knowledgeable and problem-solving customer care executives.

We are supported in our endeavor to always be there for you by:

  • Providing the lowest price at online pharmacies
  • Packaging medication against rough use and damage
  • Offering free shipping worldwide
  • Making available excellent 24x7 customer support
  • Ensuring safe online transactions
  • Selling nonprescription medicines
  • Being punctual with deliveries
  • Stocking medicines with distant expiry dates
  • Reaching out with superlative quality medicines
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