Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy has been especially developed to protect our customers' personal information. We have done this in compliance with the health products we sell and the services we offer. The reason why we have put in place a Privacy Policy is to give our customers an assurance that their personal data provided to us is in absolutely safe hands. After all, we are duty-bound to protect such information. It is this commitment to our customers that has brought about a good and solid relationship between us of trust and support.

According to our Privacy Policy, we share its following components with you:

  • Total transparency: Our privacy commitments are easy to locate and to read.
  • State-of-the-art security protocols: We assure you of providing your privacy and your data with the highest level of security.
  • Online safety to our customers: Our site has been designed to be online theft-proof, so you can transact confidently. It is also updated with SSL and our data is stored in an encrypted database. We clear our computer system of all details regarding our customers once the package of medicines reaches them. So, there is no likelihood of customer details being shared with a third person.
  • Complete confidentiality: We assure you of never parting with your personal information to anyone for any purpose.
  • No email marketing: We vouch never to send any emails for marketing purposes or for services or products marketing. Only if you accept our promotional letters will we send you our newsletter from time to time.
  • No unsolicited emails: With respect to our privacy policy, we do not reveal your email id with a third party so you do not get unsolicited emails.

We recognize that by sharing your personal details with us, you repose your trust in us. We assure you of protecting your privacy at all times. Our privacy commitments to our customers have been and will always be the backbone of our business and will grow with us as we move from strength to strength with our customer’s patronage and faith in us. As we grow, should we need more and better ways of communicating with you, we will communicate these to you in our updated policies.

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