Vardenafil belongs to the class of drugs known as phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. It is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (sexual impotence). It helps to obtain and maintain an erection sufficient to take part in a sexual activity. Its action increases the blood flow inside the penis when a sexually excited man takes the medicine. It only acts as a result of sexual stimulation; it does not increase sexual desire.

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Great Options for the Perfect Erectile Dysfunction Just the Way You Need

Erectile dysfunction, which can also be called male impotence, is characterized by difficulty (or inability) to have an erection. The causes can be psychological (anxiety of the performance, conflicts within the couple). But in the vast majority of cases, it is caused or aggravated by a physical disorder (medical condition, taking medication). In general, and even though it can affect men of all ages, the risk of developing erectile dysfunction increases with age.

The main forms of erectile dysfunction

In general, we talk about erectile dysfunction when you have difficulty (or disability) repeated to have an erection. Or, to make it last during the whole of your sexual intercourse. Be careful not to confuse it with an occasional failure. Before consulting a doctor, who may prescribe a treatment against your impotence, it is also recommended to wait three months. Or, you can opt for oral medicines like Vardenafil.

Also be careful not to confuse erectile dysfunction (such as a soft erection or dislocating during the act) with ejaculation disorders such as:

Premature ejaculation: this sexual disorder consists in ejaculating very quickly after the beginning of your sexual intercourse. Sometimes even before having penetrated his partner. We talk about premature ejaculation when this problem is constant. It would affect about one in three men.

Delayed ejaculation: conversely, a man suffering from this disorder will have difficulty ejaculating. And his reports will be abnormally long. This restraint can be psychic (difficulty to let go) or be of organic origin (diabetes or taking antidepressants, for example).

What are the main physical causes of erectile dysfunction?

Several medical conditions or treatments may explain that you have erectile dysfunction. Here are the main ones.

A vascular problem

Poor blood circulation can explain why you have difficulty banding. Because, your penis will not be properly irrigated.

If you have heart disease, coronary artery disease, arthritis or high blood pressure, you have about 40% chance of having erectile dysfunction. Ditto if you have too high a level of bad cholesterol, since it will clog your arteries and slow down the flow of your blood. Erectile dysfunction is also considered to be an aggravating factor of future vascular disease. Consult a specialist quickly if you fear to suffer from erection problems.


Diabetes is also an aggravating factor in erectile dysfunction. Indeed between 40 and 70% of diabetics have difficulty in having an erection. And in type 1 patients, these problems would manifest even earlier. The risks are even more important if your diabetes is not balanced, or if you are old.

Neurological causes

Some neurological diseases can also explain your erectile dysfunction. This is particularly the case of:

·         Parkinson's disease;

·         Alzheimer's

·         epilepsy;

·         stroke;

·         multiple sclerosis.

Prostate surgery

Prostate cancer, which is also the most common in men can also be related to your erection problems. Indeed, the surgical procedure that can be performed to remove the cancer cells can affect the erector nerves, and thus cause erectile dysfunction.

Surgery and radiotherapy

Another surgical procedure may also be involved. This is the case for example of surgery of the bladder or rectum.

Ditto for radiotherapy, a radiation treatment in your abdomen-pelvis that can cause erectile dysfunction in nearly 75% of cases.

Taking a medical treatment

Some treatments may have side effects an erection problem. Especially, those against high blood pressure, cholesterol and heart problems. But also drugs to treat a mental disorder such as Vardenafil.

It will be necessary in this case to discuss it with your doctor before stopping your treatment. He may suggest alternatives, but you may need to balance your health and sex life.

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