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Generic Xenical No Prescription, Orlistat Weight Loss Pills


Generic Xenical Pills (Orlistat) is a prescription drug used to help obese people lose weight effortlessly and achieve their natural weight goals. It demands that you also change your eating habits and lifestyle to include healthy food and exercise.


Drug Description

Today, Generic Xenical Tablet (Orlistat) is among the most effective medications for obesity treatment. It is recommended by doctors to those who want to shed all their extra weight and lead a healthy life.


The largest constituent of this medication is Orlistat whose role is to stop converting fats to useful compounds as needed by the body.  Generic Xenical Orlistat Pills is very safe to use and does not have a negative effect on the body while weight loss is in progress.


Buy Xenical Orlistat slimming pills Online and shed extra weight to lead a healthy life. You can order Orlistat online and reap its benefits. In fact, you may Buy Cheap Xenical Orlistat slimming pills Online No Prescription at great discounted price.


Action Mechanism

The effect of Generic Xenical Pill begins to kick in within a month of taking the drug. It works in these ways:

·         Being a lipase inhibitor, it gets rid of the cause of obesity.

·         Due to its action, triglycerides do not get converted into fatty acids which lie unutilized by the body. This is seen to be the chief reason for obesity.

·         It also prevents pancreatic lipase from being converted into triglycerides and then into fatty acids.

·         Instead, fats remain undigested and are later eliminated from the body, thereby deferring weight gain.

·         Taking Orlistat weight loss pills increases body metabolism which in turn helps the digestion of carbohydrates and fats. This in turn helps use the stored fats and carbohydrates in increasing weight loss and weight management.


Drug Usage

Generic Xenical Orlistat Pills for obesity is administered orally as one capsule of dosage 120 mg. It is best taken at each main meal where fat is eaten. This medication should be taken three times a day along with a lowered calorie intake.


No more than 30% calories from fats should be taken at each meal that you take Xenical. Care should be taken to divide your daily portions of fat, proteins and carbs so that they are well spread over your three meals. This medication can be taken along with your meal or after a maximum of an hour after a meal. If one of your meals lacks fat or if you miss a meal, omit one dose of this medication as overdosing does not lead to enhanced weight loss. 


By following a nutritious diet plan where you do not eat more than 30% calories from fat, you can get the best benefit from taking this medication. Any potential gastrointestinal effects of taking this medication can also be reduced. If you do experience this, speak to your doctor so that he adjusts your calorie limitations and increases your exercise time and difficulty level. 


This drug is known to interfere with absorbing fat-soluble Vitamins A, D, E and K, so your doctor may advise you to take a multivitamin supplement comprising these vitamins every day. It should be taken two hours before or after you take Generic Xenical, preferably at bedtime. For best results, weigh yourself two weeks after you begin this course and if your condition is static or if it worsens, speak to your doctor.



Generic Xenical is an orally administered capsule of 120 mg potency. It is to be taken three times a day before, with or after a meal with reduced fat content.



Generic Xenical is best stored at a temperature of 25°C and away from humidity and light. If it is stored for a brief period, it should not exceed 15°C-30°C. It should also be kept away from pets and children.


When not in use, do not flush this medication down the toilet bowl or empty it into the drain. Instead, discard it appropriately after its sell-by date has reached or it is no longer required. To know more about waste disposal methods, speak to your pharmacist.



The commonly-experienced side-effects of taking Generic Xenical include diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, skin itch, rash, headache, shivering, stomach ache and cold and flu. Other symptoms include oily spotting which usually stains the undergarments, oily stools, brown or orange oil in the stools, oily or gassy discharge, inability to control bowels, several bowel experiences, jaundice, weakness, problems with the gums or teeth, etc.



·         If you are allergic to Generic Xenical, stop taking this weight loss pill and ask your doctor for an alternative.

·         If you suffer problems with your liver, kidney or pancreas, speak to your doctor before taking Generic Xenical.

·         If you have trouble ingesting food, do not attempt taking this medication.

·         Seniors should speak to their doctors before taking this drug.

·         If you suffer from low sugar problems, it is best to defer taking this drug until your sugar levels are normalized.



·         Children under 12 years should not take this medication.

·         Continue to take this medication only for the period prescribed by the doctor or you might suffer some serious health issues.

·         Overdosing will not lead to faster results but, on the contrary, to severe health problems.

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